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Hi there!
We have a shop on Shopify and two ways for pay - main is 2checkout and additional is Fondy.

Actually main we'd like to have Fondy regarding comission but it is no way to change 2CO to Fondy - there is no them in lists (Fondy absent in general providers and 2CO is absent in additional).

So 1) is the any way to change providers as I said or 2) use Shopify Payments for Ukraine as it has all channels we need - AE, Visa and MC. We sell the whole world.
Thank you!

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There is pictures with paymant metods

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Hello, there! 

Karlie here from the Shopify Guru Team! There are quite a few payment gateways available for merchants to use when selling from Ukraine. Of course, you can always use our Shopify Guide as a reference when trying to find a payment gateway that would work for you, but I would be happy to share a list of gateways for Ukraine merchants with you here. If you're interested, you can look into using the gateways;

  • 2Checkout
  • Alipay Global
  • BitPay
  • Coinbase Commerce
  • GoCoin
  • PayPal Express Checkout
  • Skrill

I understand that you're wanting to accept Mastercard, Visa and American Express from your customers and that you've already looked into using 2Checkout. Currently, Shopify Payments isn't available to use in Ukraine - but I would be happy to pass that feedback along to the appropriate team here for you. 

I've done some digging for you and it looks like Skrill, PayPal Express Checkout and PUT IT ON LAY-BUY would allow you to accept credit card payments in some form. Skrill works as a normal payment gateway which would allow your customers to put through payments from your checkout. PayPal Express works by allowing customers to pay by using their PayPal login and PayPal account - the customer's PayPal account can be connected to a credit card from within the PayPal dashboard. PUT IT ON LAY-BUY, although offering a unique checkout experience - would also allow you to accept different credit card methods. 

I hope this helps, but if you have any further questions - be sure to ask and I would be happy to help!

Shopify Guru

*Karlie* | Social Care @ Shopify
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Dear Karlie,

thank you for detailed answer. May I ask you about possibility to move Fondy in the list of primary payment system from additional?
Second one is about payment with 2CO - when I mark only AE - in checkout process on their site thay propose to use all possible cards. It is not convinient to us. Is it possible to make payments only with selected cards providers / systems?

Dear Ava,

thank you for your information. I saw that article. And Fondy actually work with Visa and MC, but do not work with AE. So in general we are satisfited with Fondy, but sometimes someone goes regarding AE.

On the other hand 2CO work with all of tham but 1) fees is really bigger in two times 2) they take payments from any payment system and our chois nothing change (I mean we try to use only AE but it do not have any effect).

So we will try to find solution but if Shopify will move Fondy to main list it will be much easer for us.

Thank you for your support,

my best