Shopify Payments on hold

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My name is Kieran, founder of PrimeLightsCo.

Just under two weeks ago I created my Shopify store, I did all that was required of me except I have been given a message stating that my Shopify payments are on hold until my account has been reviewed. I have been told to contact customer support so hopefully, I am in the right place. 

Please give me information about when my account will be reviewed and if there is I can do anything to increase my chances of getting a positive outcome

Kind Regards,


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Hi Kieran,

I'm in the same situation. I've contacted support multiple times and they haven't given me a clear indication of how long a 'standard review' takes. They have already held over a week's worth of takings. If I was to guess how long our takings will be held, then I think it will be at least 2 weeks. Here's my calculation:

  • Tuesday 15th September - message regarding hold appears in my account.
  • No payouts on Tuesday, so this means that takings have been held from Sat. 12th September.
  • Friday 18th - told that it may take up to 72 hours for Payments team to get back to me (does this 72 hours include the weekend, or this 72 hours business hours?)
  • Best case scenario - they contact me on Monday and I can upload documentation same day (depending on what they need).
  • Best case scenario - They look at in on Tuesday and process it within 72 hours. This takes it to Friday. I can't see that the takings will be in our bank account until at least the 29th September. This would be 16 days, if I'm lucky.