Shopify Payments won't accept routing number to American Bank

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Hello everybody !

I tried to complete shopify payments profile, but when  i try to insert my routing number and account number, it says that my routing number is not supported.

I have to specify that:

My bank account is an US one, im using payoneer routing/account number, but my payoneer account is made on my us physical address.

Can somebody help me please ?


P.s. now i can't modify my shopify currency because i made my first sale (i dont know how, i've just tested the feature)

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Hi, @bellariaearring

Emma here from Shopify. Welcome to the community! 


In order to use Shopify Payments the bank account must be a full checking account, in the correct denomination, eligible for ACH transfers and debits from Shopify. Because Payoneer is a virtual bank account, it is not compatible with Shopify Payments. 


With regards to the currency changes, our Support team can re-enable the option to switch currencies for your store after having made your first sale. You'll just need to reach out by phone, chat or email and one of our Gurus will be happy to assist you! 


Let us know how you make out, we're always here to help! 


All the best, 

Emma | Shopify Social Care