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I'm currently enrolled in the basic shopify plan and ship out anywhere between 200 - 500 orders per month. I'm looking into ways to reduce the shipping label cost but I'm not seeing any reason to upgrade from basic to the Shopify plan ($79.99/m). It states that there is a larger USPS discount but after some testing, I'm not seeing these reductions.


Does anyone currently use the Shopify plan? If so, do you see any noticeable reduction in shipping label costs?



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Hi @eju101,

Thank you for reaching out and for detailing your question. Some others who have made this change in subscription may be able to offer a first-hand perspective on this, although from a Shopify perspective I can tell you in some cases there may be no further discount attainable when going from the Basic plan to the Shopify plan due to the maximum discount already being attainable on the cheaper plan. This means even if you jump from Basic to Shopify in terms of your subscription, as the maximum discount we can offer is already offered for the Basic plan for some shipping options, no further discount can be offered on the higher plans.

There are some shipping options that will be discounted when you upgrade your plan, and you can use our shipping calculator to test out some scenarios. As an example, I checked the estimated price of shipping a small box, weighing 5lbs, from San Francisco to New York, which came out to $21.01 for USPS Priority Shipping when on the Basic plan:


When I changed to the Shopify plan, the price came out at a much lower $8.42 for the same service:


My recommendation would be to use the calculator to replicate some of the shipments you've made of late and compare the prices on the Basic plan against those on the Shopify plan. Remember too that even if you do upgrade your plan, you can always move back to Basic if you are not satisfied with the costs after seeing the discounts you receive when on the Shopify plan.

Kind regards,

Victor | Shopify Social Care

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