Shopify Risk Operations Support - Suspended Shopify Payments

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I received an email from Shopify Risk Operations Support, notifying me that my Shopify Payment plans has been put on hold, due to them needing more authentication for products I am selling.


I am in the process of getting all of our products online, and got this wonderful message, so getting things set up has been put on hold until I can get an answer. I understand their side of the risk, and with many shady sellers on Amazon a few years ago, it's reasonable. My store sells used DVD's, and are purchased through ebay from a user that sells 100 Random Movie Lots. Their invoices don't list specific items, just "100 Movie Lot". After receiving the DVD's we go through them, pull out any that are damaged or missing, make sure there are NOT any bootlegged copies amidst them, and then alphabetize and upload. Before we started up the site, and purchasing products to put online, we looked into the legalities of reselling used dvd's and there was nothing illegal about it, only the obvious bootlegged versions. How would one go about getting authenticated that these are actual copies, and not bootlegged versions?


Thank you for any help,