Shopify Stopped Connecting with Stamps - Having to manually input labels

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Last week our shopify store stopped connecting with  We are a retail shipper and send over 125+ packages a day.  We have been on support with stamps and shopify.  No one has an answer or a fix time.

We need our names and addresses to be loaded up into stamps and then the tracking #'s to be  automatically put on the shopify order.  We have contacted shopify and stamps numerous times and were told that it is a "known issue" but no fixes are in place for it.  We need to have this done or we will have to move from Shopify to a cart that will work with Stamps but we need to have functionality now.



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Hi @AutumnBoutique,

Sorry to know you are facing issues with Shopify and Stamps. I'm not sure what the exact issue is. Since you have mentioned it is a "known issue" but, no fixes are in place for it from Shopify, maybe you could look into our Multi Carrier Shipping Label app that could be of your help. You can integrate your Stamps account with the app and fully handle the shipping process.

The app automatically imports all your order details and then helps you generate labels for the same. Once you mark the order as shipped from the app, the Shopify orders get automatically fulfilled along with the tracking number. 

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