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Question: Why does my UPS calculated rates system calculate rates for items with 0 weight??


It makes no sense. It would be an easy way to split up the way I show shipping rates for different products. 


For instance, I can set some of my furniture items to have 0 weight. Then those products will not show the UPS rate table, and I'll be able to use my other shipping rates to account for it. 


For every other UPSable product, I would keep my weights in there, and it would show the UPS live rate table. 



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This is due to Shopify/UPS is using the minimum weight which is .5 LBS. The best way to handle this scenario is to use Multi Carrier Shipping Label app. you can charge flat rate Shipping for 0 weight products and UPS rates for other products, using the multi carrier shipping label app. Basically, you need to provide a 'product type' for 0 weight products. Then automation rules can be framed in the multi carrier app to show flat rates when that product type comes to the cart. Similarly the other case of non 0 products can be handled effectively

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