Shopify automatically refunded my money

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Hello. My store were under review for days, yesterday I opened it, because it said that I can still make sales with shopify. So I bought an instagram shoutut. I made £280+ in a couple hours, I fulfilled all my orders automatically, then my store went down and I got an e-mail that my money got refunded to the customers. The thing is, that my money got refunded unrightfully. I checked the shopify's legal page. There's not a single mention about this. The last message I've got from shopify e-mail support, is this: "Our banking partners were unable to process your payouts, so the funds have been returned to the customer." a single sentence. I wanted to speak to someone who can tell me what is going on, now I don't even get a reply from e-mail. This is a joke, so I contated here, I won't stop, till I get my money back. This isn't the first time. Last time when I made a store it went down just like that, but when I e-mail, the support said that they are refunding my UNfulfilled orders(which ment every order, because I didn't taged them as fulfilled). Now I even fulfilled all of them and still got a refund, and I will say again: UNRIGHTFULLY.