Shopify checkout currency defaulting to store currency

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Hi there,

Here an issue we have, this is not a small problem, this is a massive problem that will result in people abandoning the cart.

So in Shopify, you can use multi-currency apps that will let you change the currency or do it automatically based on where you are from.

Now when the client adds the items to the cart it looks all good until they proceed to checkout where the currency showed will change to the store currency.

i.e. I buy something in Hong Kong dollars, and when I check out it shows EUR amount.

On the customer end, it is very confusing and many will just leave the cart as it is.

Note: We are using a third party payment called Mollie

We do not want to use Paypal because they take a bigger spread than the scam money exchange last time I went to Thailand.

Now the solutions that were proposed/tried so that other people with the same issue do not waste their time:

  • a consultant told us it was simply not possible (anymore)
  • Shopify support directed us to other multi-currency apps (none of them helped or fixed the issue). They told us to use an app by MLVeda (does not support our platform), and Secomapp (same).
  • tried to hire a guy on Fiverr: they tried to force us to Paypal and uninstalled our multi-currency app (resulting in having to set them up again)
  • create a separate Shopify account/shop for each country/currency. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  • get Shopify premium, which will basically cost you a kidney (every month)


Here is the thing:

These apps only support Stripe or Shopify Pay.

Stripe takes a percentage of your transaction, but you have also to give another % to the app to work with them.

Shopify Pay? Sorry as a Global company our solution only work in a few (not many) countries and is not available for many products categories (go figure why).

So Shopify won't operate in most of our target countries and most especially do not support our product. And that's not even accounting for the fact Shopify pretty much a cut with any of your transaction!

So we are left with two Third-party providers which are Paypal and Stripe.

There used to be an app that would allow that called Bold Cashier, but it got delisted for change in checkout policies from Shopify.... (wonder why).


If I go on many websites and buy their products I do not have that issue, Amazon never changes my currency at checkout. 


There used to be an app that could keep the same currency (Bold Cashier), during checkout but it got delisted by Shopify for obscure reasons. Still delisted in January 2020.


I have seen people with the same issue on Reddit, on other forums, and even one dating from 2016 (apparently you guys were working on a solution back then).


So here we are in 2020, where I can pay in a shop with my mobile, use bitcoins in a shop too. But Shopify has no solution for people selling to multiple countries and do not want to use Paypal/Stripe and can not use Shopify Pay. And that of course is not publicized when you are about to sign up for Shopify!


Can someone please provide us with a solution like now? We are in 2020, business is already hard as it is so why not helping us?



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Bumping this because my store is having the same issue, any help?

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Bumping also because we just ran into it as well. We use Bold, but we also do use paypal, but our currency is suddenly changing at the end in the card from USD to CAD.

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do not waste your time, they offer a solution which is to create a store for each currency (nonsense). They removed that feature just to gouge people of their money. Like they are doing with the email option now. Their support will avoid the question too, trying to direct you to other stuff