Shopify closed my store and arent disclosing payment info

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I started a store online as an add on to my business and integrated shopify payments for the ease of access. I bought premium plugins and upgraded my plan as well considering i would be conducting serious sales online but mainly in store as well. After my store was published and everything was good to go, the next day i fulfilled a bulk order for my client and used shopify payments for the same.


To my horror the next day my website was down and i could not log in.


I sent a mail to shopify following which i got a prompt cookie cut response saying that they could not support my website. I asked them to further highlight what would go on and only recieved generic responses.


I had 10k+ USD in my shopify account and they were marked fulfilled as well and `in the gaming niche there exist digital items which are basically CONSUMABLES. I still am due to be paid by shopify and have recieved no clarity on the situation whatsoever. All i was told is that the last payout has been sent. I had asked for basic particulars such as a transaction number, Withdrawal Confirmation e-mail and also the post processing total pending. I being the recipient of the funds need such details to file for legal and even financial reasons. I dont mind taking my business elsewhere but i need atleast an intimation of whats coming my way in form of an official mail not a VERBAL CONFIRMATION!.


Still waiting on a response to my mail