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Dear all, Shopify users, developpers...

My french company is looking for a way to activate the 3D-Secure on Shopify using payment gateways Ogone (Ingenico)
After long talk with Shopify's Guru and Ingenico, they advised me to ask to the community if anyone developped this before :)

Seems we have to add at the Direct Link request the code FLAG3D=Y


I hope so much that we can do it!
Thank you at everyone who's can help!

Best regards,


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Hello Félix,

Keegan here from the Shopify Guru team.

Currently Shopify supports 3 gateways that have 3D Secure installed. You can checkout the three gateways below!

As for the gateway you mentioned, Shopify lets companies build into our checkout through activemerchant so you may want to ask them why they may have not installed it yet directly to Shopify (to allow you to use it with us).

Thanks for your post :)

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hi there - 

being a us developer that now lives in France, I ran into lots of surprises trying to bring Shopify to my client base here... France is tight with rules and paperwork. 

The list of payment gateways for France doesn't specify 3D secure compatiblity. 

My client inquired, and found out that the most affordable one for him was Paybox. Paybox claims 3D secure compatiblity :

but your post is only a month old and it doesn't mention that. 

how can I be sure that this merchant or any other works with 3D secure AND Shopify both? 

My client already signed up for one bank system and had to cancel... cause it wasn't compatible with Shopify (Cyberplus). Now he's looking at Paybox, because he is required to use 3D secure and that offers it... And it's the list of compatibles with Shopify... 

BUT - does it allow 3D secure security? 

Thank you for your help, 


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I can't speak from any knowledge of PayBox specifically, but some food for thought...

They offer payment mechanisms and you say they offer 3DSecure - which is there to improve security on payments etc, yet they fail to offer even the most basic of security measures themselves, which is an ssl certificate on their own site. This alone would not fill me with much confidence in this company...

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Agreed Chris, the company seemed a bit phony. 

That said, I am not able to find a single functioning 3dsecure solution for Shopify in France. My 3 current shop projects are about to be canceled and moved away to another solution. Is anyone out here well versed in activemerchant development to make a custom payment gateway work with Shopify and 3dsecure, ideally Cyberplus? 

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Hi everyone,

I'm supra interested, as I have the Paybox solution for my website in France also.

And though I did the 3D secure with them, and as Paybox is integrated with Shopify I thought it would go through without me having to do anything but choose Paybox. Apparently not, and they just sent me a documentation about integration.

I am very surprised by this (and not in a good way).

Any one has any answer on this?



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Hi All,


You can use They integrated into Ogone 3D Secure via the Offsite Gatweay. Go here to or contact them at for further information an instructions. 

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Hi Sascha,


I've contacted Wallee, but of course Paybox is not an option with them. And I am already with Paybox so. Appart from changing again, how do I get there.

Any idea? Just got my yearly invoice so, I'm thrilled about this all.

Honestly disappointed that Shopify is not more up to date with French companies (hello La Poste shipping?) and options. No need to have a French website to lure everyone in, because afterwards we're stuck.

Thanks if anyone has some ideas.

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Hi there,

Major update from Stripe posted yesterday on their blog:

They now support 3D secure + several local payment methods for Europe. These can be activated directly from your Stripe dashboard. To be checked with Shopify...

For shops making significant volume, I would still recommend to use Wallee + Ingenico (Ogone) -they have an offsite system supporting 3DS- for instance to lower fixed + transaction fees compared to Stripe.

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Paybox and 3D secure - Another french user here that (wrongly) chose to use Paybox as it was recommended by Shopify as a list of approved 3rd party gateway. 

3D secure doesn't seem to be yet implemented, while it is required by european law. How come they still do offer this option when it's borderline illegal. 


I too received the documentation from Verifone (paybox vendor) about the integration - I was in shock as it looks like the guys there don't really care too much about Shopify integration claiming that 3D secure is supported. 


I'd love to know if anyone has successfully implemented 3D secure using paybox and Shopify. 

For that matter I'd love to know if there is another solution for French merchant to use that actually support 3D secure payments.