Shopify is holding my $12,661.24 for no reason!

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Hi Shopify,

I have a very serious and important message to share with shopify payments.
3 days ago i received two orders from which both are $6,500, So in total $13,000. Everything went fine, the transactions were both successful, in fact my pay out was scheduled for August 19th 2019. 
Now all of a sudden i received a message from shopify payments asking me to provide additional information while my account payouts remains on hold. I then immediately sent out all the information that was asked from me, including government documentation. 
This Morning, August 20th 2019 i wake up to a very absurd message from shopify payments informing me that i can no longer use the shopify payment service and that my available balance of $12,661.24 will be held for 120 days in case there are any charge backs.  Now, i know for a fact that i have done nothing wrong, there are zero fraudulent activities going on and there are no charge backs at all. In this case i'm completely innocent and my income is being held against my will and power.
I'm not scaring or making any threats against shopify payments but i am well connected with some of the most powerful and well known state attorneys as well as other people in high positions. I have solved many problems this way whether it was online or not and i promise that this might hurt shopify payments and stripe as a company and as a whole.
Now, i don't want to bring it that far to include my states attorneys yet so in stead of doing that i'm kindly asking shopify payments to pay me my non-fraudulent available balance. I don't want to use shopify payment anymore as i'm not interested at all, but all i'm asking is to get paid my hard earned money. 
I know for a fact that every merchant account and business in general has their policies and terms of service and they have the right to hold on any account or payments if there is prove of suspicious or fraudulent activities going on. 
I also know for a fact that it is against the law to hold on to someone's money for 120 days or longer  if there is no prove of fraudulent activities, no prove of charge backs, no prove of breaking any laws while that person is completely powerless in that situation. In this case that person has the right to step to legal advise/assistance if the payments aren't being released. 
Like i said i don't want to use shopify service anymore and all i'm asking is to be paid my $12,661.24. I have done everything that was asked from me and i have already fulfilled the orders. If i don't get a proper response from shopify payments in regards of releasing my funds within 48 hours i will have to involve my state attorneys in this. 
Thank You.
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I’ve been in the same exact boat as you are in and it is a nightmare!! Not only has Shopify payments been doing this to their customers, but Stripe and PayPal as well. I’ve had well over $24,000 held before(PayPal) and about $4,000 on hold with stripe. I can without a doubt say I will never use PayPal/stripe/Shopify payments ever again in my entire life.