Shopify payment verification - What the hell ?

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Am I the only one being totally mad about Shopify and the Shopify payment verification process ? 

I decided to activate Shopify Payments on Monday, god what a mistake. 
I've already uploaded several utility bills from my company, I've uploaded copies of the owners ID's, I've uploaded a copy of my taxes proving my home address... and still every morning I see an error message "we have to check your identity again, please upload documents...". 

I've reached out to the customers service every day since Monday and NO ONE is able to tell me what's going on? Which document should I upload exactly ? 

I've been in business for 2 years, everything is legit, I had no issue whatsoever with my previous payment provider or Paypal. 

I just dont understand what they need from me and in the same time all my money is blocked. 

Does anyone experienced the same issue ? If yes how did you solve it ? 

And word of advice to anyone considering making the switch to shopify payments think twice.