Shopify payments closing time?

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This is a no brainer.  I should be able to schedule the time of the day when shopify payments will 'close' the day and pull funds.  If that 'closing' happens in the middle of MY day, now I will have two different payments that must be reconciled.  Example, If my store does $1000 during the day, but shopify pulls payments at 2pm, then some of that $1000 is going to be today, and some will be tomorrow.  Every other software application we have used over the last 35 years allows us to schedule that payment when WE choose.  Surely Shopify realizes this?  The reconciliation is a nightmare.  Yes we have looked into 3rd party payments, but shopify charges an additional 1%, which makes that clearly un tenable.  Yes we have looking into quickbooks bridge, along with other accounting solutions, but again, why do I need to pay more for something that I don't need and don't want to work around this issue.  And yes, we do analyze each day against last year, last quarter, and last month, and even last week.  That helps us be successful! This reconciliation process makes it almost impossible to maintain accurate reporting and analyzation.  THE SIMPLE SOLVE HERE IS FOR SHOPIFY PAYMENTS TO ALLOW US TO SCHEDULE OUR 'CLOSING' TO A TIME WHEN THE BRICK AND MORTAR STORE IS CLOSED.  I HAVE TO IMAGINE THAT THIS ITEMIZED DATA WILL ALSO HELP EVERY OTHER ONLINE ONLY STORE FRONT.......?

And if you are a guru, please don't give me the standard cut and paste answer that I have already received a few times.......LOVE TO SPEAK TO SOMEONE THAT IS ACTUALLY IN THE SHOPIFY PAYMENTS DEPARTMENT!  Any one else have issues with this??

Thanks.  And yes I do like Shopify!  Just want it better!


to make things a little simpler I'd use AccountingSuite with it's fully integrated eCommerce feature instead of Quickbooks with their apps work arounds.

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What about those of us that really can't handle $129 per month for what looks like a great solution?  It's madness that the accounting for Shopify is such a mess and you are suckered into further app purchasing.  


AccountingSuite is having a special for 50% off, and I believe this price is for life.

Or you can work thru an Accountant we get an additional 30% off too for life.


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We have this same issue and I can't believe that this isn't the #1 most requested feature!  Our payment cutoff is at 2pm (Hawaii) and we have this ridiculous 2-part reconciliation process.  Has there been no action on this issue since the original post a year ago?