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I am living in the UK dropshipping to the US, I recently created my store using shopify payments but since I have had a lot of people go to checkout but no purchases I put some research into it which said I would need a US bank account to accept shopify payments from the US while living in the UK. But then I go to the official shopify website and it tells me "accept usd and receive in gbp" and claims its available. So im having a hard time understanding this. Can I accept US payments while living in the UK or not? 

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Hi, Displaygod.

This is Max from the Shopify Team. 

It's good to hear you're looking into why some of your add-to-carts are not converting into sales! Often it's money-related (possibly currency or shipping price is throwing off customers).

The available payment options depend on your physical location. The available payment providers for the UK are all listed in your admin under Settings > Payment providers or you can review them here

Shopify Payments is one provider that we offer. It has its own set of requirements to use it based on what you sell and where you are. At this time Shopify Payments users in the UK are required to sell in GBP. More about those requirements here

If selling in USD is very important to your business, then, please consider adding an alternate payment provider and weigh out the pros and cons! If you decide to change your currency, this can be done by messaging our support team directly. We'd also be happy to take a closer look at your account, if needed.