Shopify postage setting ship date to the day after I choose


As the title says, I just noticed that my shipping labels are all dated for the day after I am choosing. I almost always buy labels in the evening and ship the next day, so I choose the next day for the ship date. 


All of the labels I just purchased tonight 12/11, with a ship date of 12/12 chosen, all have labels with ship dates of 12/13. I see this has also happened on previous days. There's no way to determine ship date for delivered orders, so who knows how long this has been happening. 


Thankfully, it seems the USPS is still accepting them and delivering them. But I'd rather not add any monkey wrenches to the USPS package delivery process. 


I have seen the thread here, and yes my time zone in Settings is set to the proper time zone. 


I do use Locations, but two are set to my home studio address. I do not use the third and last location for fulfilling orders. 

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