Shopify - "Paypal Balance unavailable for this payment"

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So I setup my store and got my first purchase. Then I wanted to fulfill the order by paying aliexpress with my business paypal account. When I selected paypal to pay with and it asked me to add a funding source to my paypal to pay for the order. I noticed that the Payment from my client was on Hold. So i figured that this is the reason paypal is making me pay from my own credit/debit card instead of letting me use my PayPal Account Balance (in which is the payment money on hold from my client). In the payment screen my Paypal Balance is saying "Unavailable for this payment" ( image attached to this thread )

I read that this hold will be lifted after a week or so if there are no disputes. My question is: will all my payments be on hold in the future and I will be forced to pay from my own credit/debit card? Or will I build trust with paypall and they WILL LET ME USE MY PAYPAL ACCOUNT BALANCE to pay for orders? Or the reason that it wont let me pay with my Paypal Balance "Unavailable for this payment" (not even try to pay) (its dimmed so I can't select it) is because I setup my account settings on paypal wrong?

Also: I am using "DSers" (for mass fulfillment of orders) and "Paypal Tracking on Autopilot" (to send tracking numbers to paypal after each order fulfillment to prove to paypal that my clients are getting their tracking numbers)