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are there plans for Shopify to hook up with the Royal Mail and offer Shopify shipping in the U.K.

imagine this may not be for a while..

Any UK stores have a nice smooth integration that can print shipping labels directly from the fulfillment page?

We send a wide variety of sizes and weights of parcels in the UK and internationally.  Currently we use signed for services with drop and go at the post office for all small parcels and then parcel 2 go to find the best price for larger parcels.  It massively time consuming!


Be good to hear what's working for other people.  I'd like to use one courier for everything but they seem to be better at large or small parcels... ideally it would be someone who could do collection aswell.




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Hi Gemma,

My name is Kris, I'm a guru here to lend a hand.

While Shopify is actively working on developing shipping label integrations through other delivery services, so it will be available in more countries, there isn't an official release date to anticipate at this time. This said, we do have some apps available that you can use to connect with Royal Mail.

  • Veeqo is an inventory management app, that does much more than let you print shipping labels. It does integrate with Royal Mail, allowing you to print shipping labels and save up to 60% on these costs. 
  • Should you have an existing carrier account with Royal Mail, the free app Postmen can connect with it and allow you to print labels at a cost of 1¢ per label (not including the cost of postage).
  • If you have Carrier Calculated Shipping active on your shop, the app Royal Mail Shipping Extension can provide Royal Mail's carrier-calculated rates on your checkout, including "International Signed For." This app won't print shipping labels, but can be used in conjunction with Veeqo, for example. 

If you were to consider a different international carrier like DHL for your shipments, other shipping label apps (like Shippo) can open up some new options as well. 

I hope this information points you in the right direction. Please don't hesitate to contact us directly at Support if any other questions arise. :)


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All the apps you have mentioned are not the direct integration in Shopify with Royal Mail Carrier.

Veqoo costs $495 dollars per month!

Postmen it's an external app too.

Royal Mail Carrier integrated into Shopify will allow customer not to spend money with third party companies and allow to link directly with Royal Mail OBA.

Additionally the direct integration in Shopify will allow UK business customers like us to use Royal Mail Local Collect. This will allow our customers to get the consigment delivred to the nearest post office when they out.

Additionally Shopify is not calculating the Delivery VAT properly in UK which can lead to HRMC problems.

I urge Shopify to consider this considering it is a legal requirement too in UK.

Don't forget that Bigcommerce already offer this services and this is why Shopify loosing customers.

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Since I read all the answers and none of them offers you a cost-effective solution to integrate RoyalMail, I want to show you my solution. The main problem with Shopify is that you cannot connect your store with RoyalMail directly, you still need to use third-party software. My advice is to use the most cost-efficient software that integrates with the most popular shipping carriers in the UK.

My option is Multiorders software, which costs from $29 per month. Also, all users can fulfil their first 150 orders for free. Despite, which pricing plan you choose it includes all the possible features.

It works really simple, all you have to do is connect your Shopify store (there is a possibility to integrate other sales channels) and manage your orders through Multiorders. As soon as you, receive an order, simply click on your preferred shipping carrier’s logo. Then, you will get labels printed in seconds and the system will auto-update your order status and tracking numbers. Also, you can choose your label’s type and size, for example, there is an option to print more than one label on the same sheet.

If you consider working not only with RoyalMail, you can choose from a big variety of Multiorders integrations - DPD, UPS, myHermes, Parcel2Go, FedEx, etc.

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Hi Kris12 or anyone at shopify,


Its over 2 your on now from this reply saying we dont have an estimated eta. What is taking so long?

Its such a cluster f)&@ doing shipping with shopify. 


Please just make it happen.

2 things would help


More than one parcel size or if this is unachievable allow non plus £850 per month members the ability to pass the correct dimensions of a product to the cart.


Shopify shipping support outside of canada / us 

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I am a new user to Shopify and whilst pretty impressed by its functionality and potential, I simply cannot work out how to print our simple postage labels.  I have Order Printer, which *says* it prints labels, but for the life of me I cannot find out how to do so.  The Shopify gurus are good and can tell me how to print almost everything......, but their help seems to go quiet when I press for LABELS.  To be clear, I am not interested in more packing slips, I need to bulk print my postage labels.


I have even tried other app but they all act as front-ends for shipping deals.  I use the mail and just need labels,  not shipping deals!


Can anyone help?

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One thing Shopify lets you do is export a '.CSV' file of your orders. Which is basically all (or a selected few) of them in a list on excel. One option that you could do is create a 'mail merge' document on microsoft word, essentially a template, then import your .CSV file into the boxes and click print. I print onto stickers on a sheet of A4, with a normal printer - just sticky squares that I can peel off and put directly onto parcels, the same layout as the word document. I get these off amazon. I'll send you my mail merge template if you want, because explaining how to set your own up would take me a while. Just drop me an email at :) I worked this out the hard way and set it up through trial, error and a lot of youtube videos. So I hope this helps. Cheers, Charlie - MLVLTD MUSIC 

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Hi Charlie,

I have just reached out by email. Hope that's OK?

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Hi, I am based in the U.K. and would like to know about shipping, how do I work out shipping costs and how do I print out labels? Also how will my customers know about the shipping costs that I will be paying for, will it be automatically done by Shopify based on the customers destination?
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Hi @Shk2020,


Thank you for reaching out with your question! For future reference, please feel free to post in our dedicated UK thread for shipping-related queries—it is updated regularly with questions and discussion on this topic.

In terms of calculating your shipping costs, you'll need to decide how you want to ship your items, and then figure out how much it'll cost for you to ship these items in the UK (and abroad, if indeed you do sell internationally). You can use tools such as Royal Mail's price finder to better understand how much it'll cost you to ship these items to your customers when orders are placed.


This step takes some research and time, but is necessary. Once you have a better idea of what your shipping costs will be, you can set up your shipping rates within Shopify accordingly. You can decide to offer flat rates based on weight and/ or price, and set up numerous rates dependant on these factors—for example, you could set numerous weight thresholds meaning customers pay more the heavier their order is, or you may wish to set a price-based rate where customers qualify for free shipping if they spend over a certain amount.


You can also opt to offer live rates to your customer, which can be done if you have the carrier calculated shipping feature enabled. This is available as standard on our Advanced plan, but can be added to other subscriptions for an additional $20 USD p/m (or you can receive it for free if you opt to pay for your plan on an annual basis). This feature will allow you to connect your accounts for the likes of UPS and FedEx, and you can also use apps such as the Royal Mail Shipping Extension to offer live rates from Royal Mail. Live rates allow you to offer more accurate rates to your customers, as they take numerous variables into account—such as shipping distance, the weight of the order, and the default package on file—when calculating the shipping rates to offer your customers.


The Shopify Shipping feature does not currently extend to merchants in the UK, meaning you cannot purchase and print shipping labels natively within the Shopify admin, but there are apps that allow you to do this. The likes of Starshipit Shipping & Tracking and Zenstores allow you to easily buy shipping labels from numerous carriers which can then be printed out at home.


I hope this serves as a good starting point for you, but please do let me know if more have more questions.


Kind regards,


Victor | Shopify Social Care

Victor | Social Care @ Shopify 
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