Simple Phone Ordering System

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We're new to SHopify in the past 4 months.

However, I'm amazed that the solution for a phone-in ordering system (using whatever backend payments system we want to use -, PayPal, etc.), hasn't been created yet.

Seems like it should just be a default feature for almost every cart... but just doesn't exist here.

Here's how the phone conversation might go if we went with what was default for Shopify

  1. (Dial In) Customer: Hi! I'd like to place an order. I have my credit card in hand.
  2. Us: Oh sure! Let me set that order up for you and then send you a link via email to make payment.
  3. Customer: Oh, I can't just order with my credit card over the phone?
  4. Us: Well, you can if you give us your password to log in to your account and then we can make the order for you.
  5. Customer: Why do you need my password to place an order?  Can't you just place the order and let me pay for it over the phone?

Yes, we can place the order through our own store (front-end) using the customer's details, but that requires having 2 screens open side by side and copying/pasting all of their details for a phone-in order.

Or, we can be logged in to or PayPal all day in one screen and process the order there and then copy/paste the transaction details back into the Shopify order we set up using an app like edit order.

But why would we need to hack the system that way just to make this basic business function (accepting orders over the phone) work?

Apps Reviewed:

  • Edit Order - doesn't allow you to charge at the time the order is placed.
  • Custom Orders - doesn't allow you to charge at the time the order is placed.
  • Orders Administrator - Best option so far, but requires you to have BrainTree Payments
    (which I'm fairly certain charges higher fees than we get through

I'm not alone on this...

Here's the short list below of forum topics I've read (some going back 2 years) from people wanting this same feature.

Any advice or suggestions much appreciated.

Thank you.

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Also, before it's suggested...

We could also use the Shopify POS, but that requires us to have staff sitting there with iPads on their desks and manually tapping the iPad to place the order... when they already have computers at their desks and should be able to place the orders through the backend of Shopify.

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Hi Jonathan and Shopify,

I'm waiting for this too! I asked before Shopify launched Shopify pay in the UK, and was informed that I coudl take internal orders just in the same way I did using Sage Pay. Categorically informed by a Shopify employee!

So I make the switch and guess what, we cannot take internal orders. Sage Pay was great but we wanted to convert to Shopify Pay because we are otherwise paying twice for payment processing via Barclaycard.

Shopify, please sort out internal ordering without us requiring a monthly app. Its on lots of other shopping  carts and I'm not sure why its not available here.

We sell high end designer ski wear. Some of our customers phone to talk though their purchase. If we sell right and help our custoemr , we love takign phone orders. Also some customers still dont like making online payments and would rather speak to a human being to make payment.

At least if we had an access to Stipe externally we could take payment on there and then input the order. This is how we used to do it with Sage Pay - create a new account for the customer, write in an order in notes and create a manual invoice and reduce stock manually. It was a long work but it worked!

Now I am not sure what we are going to do except for reverting to Sage Pay so we can be sure to help our customers!



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Hello! was there any resolution on this?

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Please please please please someone develop this!!!!  It is such a pain to have two ordering systems.  Need a quick excel type of sheet that you can just jot down the orders.  There is an order sheet app but it only works on the front end not on the back end.