Single Product with Multiple Suppliers

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We have a situation where we supply a single product, but that product is supplied by multiple distributors in different countries.   When a client purchases a product, the product is shipped from the country he/she is living in, or that is serviced by that distributor.


Customer A living in Germany purchases a product a product.  That product is then shipped from Distributor A that is based in GermanyCustomer B living in Thailand purchases the same product, but now that product is shipped from Distributor B that is based in Singapore.

In this example, the Product is a single listing on our website, that should be available to any customer, but be able to be distributed from different Distributors based on the area they are based in.

Is this possible, or what app recommendations are there to manage the orders being sent to the right supplier so that it is the shipped from the correct supplier?

Going one step further using the same example as above (a nice to have), is it then also possible for Product A to be priced at $100 in Germany and $120 in Thailand?  Or is this a separate app that needs to be added.

Any advise would be appreciated.

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I’d love to hear Shopify’s CS response here and more about how to allocate customer orders across different suppliers based on optimized set of criteria like location, COGS, accessories for example.
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@justdiveworld  did you find solution?

I need too.


All i can think of is to manually make order with each supplier depends where the costumer is from.


Did you find anything?