Small Parcel and LTL/Freight Shipping Options

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Can anyone give me a good option for a one-stop-shop app that will give me to ability to correctly quote shipping rates for both small parcel packages as well as LTL/freight shipments? I'm working on getting our online shop setup and am getting frustrated with all the options that seem to be only half of what I need. 


My shop sells large architectural antiques (doors, furniture, bath tubs, iron lamp posts, etc) as well as gifts and collectibles. So I can be shipping a t-shirt one minute and a bar table made out of a salvaged airplane wing the next...from flat rate envelopes to 8 foot crates. I need an app that also a section for product dimensions which will be especially important for LTL/freight quote accuracy. 


The small parcel side isn't what keeps me up at night, its getting the LTL/freight quote accurate when the customer places an order. The last thing I want to do is lose money on shipping or have to call a customer and ask for more money to cover the shipping cost. 



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Hello @APH82,


Not sure about other carriers, but I can suggest FedEx Rates, Labels and Tracking App. It gives you the option to specify weight and dimensions for your products. This will enable you to correctly quote shipping rates for both small parcel packages and LTL/freight shipments as you mentioned.


Hope that helps :) 



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Hi There!


I'm looking for the same shipping solutions as I set up my Shopify store.  Our products range from as light as a couple of ounces and up to 2,000lbs, from using padded mailers to pallets.


Have you found a solution yet?



If you're still looking for a solution to this, Intuitive Shipping offers calculations for FedEx LTL, as well as a number of other carriers for standard packages, at checkout. You can set rules based on dimensions or by product groups so that you're always calculating the rates in the correct way, as well as add any shipping costs together, if there is a cart with both. I'd be happy to answer any questions about this for you, too, if you'd like.



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I can definitely give you a solution for this. You can try the Multi Carrier Shipping label app which has support for both normal shipping as well as freight shipping. The only thing that you would require is separate accounts - one for FedEx shipping another for freight shipping. However, the challenge would be to manage both kinds of products. We get a lot of queries when it comes to packaging them. For example, what if you get an order for a freight item and a small one. How would you want to pack them? If there is space left in the freight packaging, would you opt to send the normal item along with it or separately. These questions need some time and planning and also some hit and trial to get it correct a 100%. However, getting it correct shall be fulfilling. It would be great if you can share your experience.

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We find ourselves in your same position. We ship many parcel units, but are adding larger furniture pieces that will need to ship freight.


Did you find something that worked for your business? We are locked into a UPS account so changing carriers is not an option right now (without penalty).


Shopify shipping issues are a huge frustration for the business.




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Did you figure out a work around for your issue? We ship parcel, but are starting to ship furniture and keep hitting dead ends.

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We are having the same issue. We ship items that weigh close to nothing that can be delivered via USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL. We are looking into shipping much larger and heavier things are we are indecisive on what third party app to use to deal with these shipping configurations. Our biggest concern is keeping the current shipping settings the same for our current inventory. Anyone found a good solution yet? 

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Hello Folks,

I am in the same boat here, we ship metal roofing direct from our factory to the customer LTL for the most part and having trouble finding any way to get this calculation right... I will trial some of the apps mentioned above i suppose. Fedex and UPS are usually a lot more than what it costs to ship on the other carriers we use for ltl but i will try them as well.