Someone is scamming me?

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So a person from Queensland, Australia (my store is based in South Australia) order watches from my watch store totalling $388 AUD, on the 31st of August. I then posted the two watches and items on the 4th of September with Express, Registered post. (Meaning it has a tracking number). The item was marked as delivered at 9am the next day (5th of September). I assumed all had gone fine, and there was no issues.

However on the 20th of September (yesterday) the customer opened a chargeback for the full fee, his reason provided being “Fraudulent”. Now his money has been given back to him by his back, and now the money (Plus a $25 chargeback fee from Shopify) will be taken from my account ‘in 1-2 days’.

What do I do!? I know that I posted it and I’m sure that it arrived, so all I can guess is that someone is attempted to scam me. How can I make sure that he doesn’t get away with it?? I am very early on in my small business, and can not afford to throw away $412 and 2 luxury watches, let alone to a scammer.


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Hey Mitch,

I'm Ann, from the team here at Shopify :)

It's frustrating to hear that you got a chargeback. A chargeback usually occurs when one of your customers goes to the bank and disputes the charge that your store made. Following the customer’s complaint, most banks tend to initiate a formal chargeback and to side with the customer without further investigation. Some reasons for this could be that a stolen credit card was used for the transaction, the customer didn't recognize the charge, got scared, and reversed it, or a family member may have ordered something on someone else's card. It really can vary, and this can be discouraging, but there is a chargeback resolution process and, in many cases, you can prove that the charge was valid. 

So right now, you have three options you can take:

  1. Contact the customer- In the affected order you can use the Contact customer link to get in touch with the cardholder to understand the reason for the chargeback. If they gave a phone number, you can also reach out to them that way. It’s possible that the customer simply did not recognize the transaction. Contacting the customer can often help resolve the issue quickly. If the chargeback is the result of a misunderstanding, the customer can ask their bank to withdraw the chargeback.
  2. Respond to the chargeback- Open the affected order in your Shopify admin and click Respond to Chargeback. Enter any additional evidence — aside from what has been automatically generated by Shopify — that the customer did, in fact, receive the product or service within the expected timeframe. Helpful evidence may include customer service emails, your Express online tracking confirmations and anything else you have that you think will help. Shopify will submit this information to your customer’s credit card company and update you afterward. 
  3. Automated recovery attempt- If you do not choose to respond, Shopify will automatically respond on your behalf if you do not submit supporting evidence before the chargeback deadline.

I would strongly recommend trying options 1 and 2.  If you cannot contact the customer, make sure you compile all the evidence you need to prove your case and respond to the chargeback within the chargeback deadline. I also recommend taking a look at this page in our Shopify Manual, as it goes over these steps in a lot more detail, and goes over the process of what will happen once the chargeback response is submitted. 

I hope this helps! If you have any more questions or concerns feel free to reach out to us here :) 

Have a great one,

Ann | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Don't depend on Shopify to stop fraudulent orders. Stop whatever you are doing and install Signifyd. Shopify does not have your back when it comes to chargebacks. You need to have chargeback insurance. Even if you think you have a good case, the bank will almost always side with the customer. Even if they got the product and are using it.

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Had this twice now. And no success for charge backs even if it has tracking and photos and pictures of the customer using the products