Sorting unfulfilled orders via Shipping method?

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Hey all, 

This is about the only headache that Shopify gives us! We offer 2 shipping types for domestic orders: 

- Royal Mail 1st Class

- Next Day delivery via Courier

Most of the time we can fulfill all orders the same day and we can pull out any Next Day orders. However, coming up to Christmas this becomes increasingly difficult with more and more orders. Previous platforms we have used made it possible to search or filter orders via Shipping method, however I am unable to see how to do this in shopify?! Seems a rather basic flaw (even if it was just being able to use the search bar).


Does anyone have any recommendations for how to get around this? Basically we want to be able to easily see a list of any orders that are due to go out with the courier in a given day. This could be via external app or within shopify itself. Even if it was something crude that automatically tagged orders with 'NEXTDAY' as they were placed it would be a massive help.

Currently we're having to look through every single email to see what method people have used. Bit of a pain really as it was so much easier previously.




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I also need this. The abiltiy to filter by or sort by shipping method would be very helpful.

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I need this as well. Does anyone know if this is an option yet?

With the holidays approaching, this option is crucial to business.

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Hi ! Hope your day is going well. 

My name is Elissa, and I'm on Shopify's Guru Team!

The best way at this point would be to use product tags, and you can search for them via the search in the orders menu. You could also enter the information into an order note, and have when it's set to ship & which courier. 

An app may be able to gather that data, but there isn't one currently in our store that would gather that data and output it- you could get in touch with one of the Experts to see if they could develop that for you!

You can submit feature requests here :)

I hope that this helped answer your question, if you think of anything else, don't hesitate to get in touch!

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Crazy that after all these years you still can't search orders by shipping method

Would be nice if you could add at least shipping method column to the order screen

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Bump. Shopify?

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Just talked to Shopify support and there is still no answer. "I will send up a request to our developers so they know this might be something valuable to add." is the cookie cutter response as with most features missing in Shopify.

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I'm so surprised there is no solution to this, but it's a problem for me as well.  Every morning, I hand select all of the expedited shipping orders and print those first.  It's so tedious.

If anyone has another workaround to share, please advise!  Thank you!