Storefront API payments using Stripe

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I would like to know if it is possible to tie up the existing Stripe account to the store with Shopify Payments enabled.


To give the full context of what we are trying to achieve - essentially we are building custom front-end for a storefront that connects with Shopify via Storefront API. Our gateway choice is Shopify Payments and we have been following official documentation from here:


As advised we have:

1. Enabled Shopify Payments

2. Stripe account setup with Connect integration

3. Token create access enabled


All the steps from the documentation are followed: card data is tokenized by Stripe and the token is sent to Shopify using checkoutCompleteWithTokenizedPaymentV2 mutation.


However, the order is not created. Additionally, when logging into Shopify we see the following warning in the abandoned checkout section:

MessageFailed. Response code = 500. Response message = Internal Server Error.


Gateway: shopify_payments

Status: error

Type: sale

Created: Mar 11, 6:58 am


Here's the screenshot:


Can you please advise how can we resolve this issue?

Shopify Partner
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Hey Im currently stuck at the same point, have you had any success by now?