Stripe is the Worst Gateway Ever

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After a number of emails and feedback sent to Stripe, they still refuse to email me ????

Where are these people, do they care about their clients?

No phone number, what is the world coming to?

Moral of the story is, we own Ecom webshop and have processed payments, all of a sudden transfers have stopped and dates keep moving. Whats this all about? Has stripe used the money on the stock market? Who knows? Come on Stripe answer my questions and the other 1000 people on here that are angry with your services!




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Hi there RS,

It doesn't look like your store is on Shopify or using Shopify Payments. I'm not sure if this is a good venue for your to vent your anger about working with Stripe.

FYI, Shopify Payments does have a number you can call for issues with your Shopify account but this can't work if you aren't using our accounts unfortunately.

Usually in 99.9 cases when a payout date is moving it is because the bank account is incorrectly set or a refund / withdraw as not able to be made by Stripe 

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I set up Stripe as a payments solution for my online store and my brother and I made few transactions from our own cards to make sure that the cycle is smooth.

After receiving few payments from customers we noticed that Stripe made auto refund for 9 transactions without prior notice to customers they already received their orders including including 3 payments I personally made 1 month ago. and i contacted stripe support and provided them with the conversation held between me and the customers and the evidence that they received their order.

We contacted the support their feedback was those "charges were processed without consent of the cardholder". i asked the "Whitney" (Worst Operator) Can you verify how Stripe made refund to "charges that were processed without consent of the cardholder" and those charges was made by me for testing purpose and i did approve the transaction?

And all i get a robot answer as usual: "Stripe may need to reverse charges that were processed without consent of the cardholder".

HOW IS THAT LOGIC!!! I Made those payments for testing purpose and my name/email/phone number are available, and when i contacted my bank their feedback was those transaction were authorized by you!!!

In addition, they still owe me funds that they refuse to transfer to my bank account, and every time i contact the Support they reply with 1 automated answer: "Stripe's final response is firm here".

WORST CHOICE, STAY AWAY FROM STRIPE, don't get in the trap as i did