Stuck at payment gateway -

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Dear All members, 
Kindly Look into the below mentioned message i received from a payment gateway provider in Pakistan as I would like to run my business from Pakistan. 
Kindly advise how to get payment gateway. This is the email i got from Their team just informed me that dropshipping business model is not encouraged and following information they are asking. What is the best I can reply to them
Being in Pakistan i cannot get paypal and 2checkout refused the payment gateway without reason. I am little upset. 
Hi Smart Hook,
Please provide the following additional information so that we can progress further on your application:
1- Do you provide dropshipping services?
2- Do you keep your inventory or do you have a third party supplier?
3- What is your return and refund policy?
4- How do you pay your suppliers?
5- How did you develop your relationship with your supplier?
6- Does your supplier reimburse you for your marketing costs of their goods? 
7- What happens if the goods do not arrive or the customer wants a refund?
8- Please provide Order history, Delivery Information for the last 6 months.
You must be able to provide us with the screenshots of your current or previous payment processor. These screenshots must confirm transactions occurring through your provided URL.
9- Please provide a scanned copy of the bank statement from ****** Bank Limited, ********** Branch, Lahore with ******** (name) written on the statement and showing deposits made into the account from the customer.
Without the above information we will not be able to take your application forward. We recommend that in the meanwhile you progress with our sandbox integration and create your production account so that when we have reviewed your application, we can switch you to accepting live payments immediately.