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Morning - been on Shopify for just a few weeks and one issue I can't find.

Frequently we do a draft order ourselves to go with a quote and not paid. When the quote is accepted I have not found out how to pay for that order. I can do a second order but then I cannot delete the first order so then there are two orders pertaining to the one sale. I also have 3 fraudulent orders that I'm unable to delete from the list.

So - how do I pay for an existing order and/or how do I delete an unwanted order??


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Hi there Paul!

Don here from Shopify!

I hope I can clear this up for you a little, though I'll need some info from your side too.

How do you actually take payment for these orders that you created as drafts?

Do your customers pay you via credit card or externally via bank transfer or some other manual method?

If the customer is happy to pay via credit card; they can follow the checkout link sent to them when you hit 'email invoice' on the draft order as per our guide to draft orders.

When the customer pays in this way the draft order is converted into a regular order and will show up in the orders section of the admin rather than in drafts.

If you're accepting payment yourself, rather than having the customer pay directly using their own card; you can accept payment yourself and mark the draft as paid manually. :)

For your 'unwanted' orders; it's not actually possible to fully delete an order that was made in Shopify unless it was made via a gateway in test mode.

What you can do is to mark these orders as cancelled and then archive them if there's nothing further to be done on them.

Let me know here if I have misunderstood your question or if anything isn't clear still. :)

All the best!


Don | Social Care @ Shopify
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I create a draft order which is sent for acceptance, this can be paid by bank transfer which is not an issue or their credit card will be given to me to process (this is now after the draft order was created.) How do I do this apart from re-creating an order?

I've seen how to pay an order as it is created - I'm talking about an unpaid draft order that may have been created a week before (or more) and has now been accepted.

I can re-create an order but then I've got duplicates - how do I delete those?

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