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Hi All,

I urgent need help.

I gonna start the e store and major hurdle is coming, I have my own list of suppliers. I want them only to integrate to system to full fill my orders. All this I need automation. Once order come for any particular product it will already alerted to the supplier ( of course  while doing the data entry that supplier is mapped ), further once he ship the order it can be integrated to my chosen courier company and updated to the customer profile about tracking. 

Hope i have explains my situation. 


I need Minimum human intervention in all this process, system should remind me the payment due to the supplier at back end and all the inventory related info as well. 


If any one help me for this, who will help best will get discount coupons from my e shop :-) on its launch. 


Best Regards

Mayank Manu 

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Hi @Mayank03! Gabby here from the Community Engagement team at Spocket.


First of all, congrats on the launch of your new e-store. I wish you all the best!


Regarding your concern, as I understand it, you want your list of suppliers to be part of a system/platform so you can source from them and process orders through the platform? As an example to confirm if I understood it correctly, say you have Spocket, which is a platform that onboards suppliers from mainly the US and the EU so dropshippers can get items for their store. You want your list of suppliers to be part of Spocket and process transactions with them via the Spocket app. Is this correct? Let me know if I got it wrong.


If my assumptions are correct, then I believe I can help you out. For one, you can give me your list of suppliers and I can forward it to our Suppliers team and ask if they can contact these suppliers to try and onboard them to Spocket. Links to their websites would be very helpful! Second, if they are succesful in acquiring the suppliers in your list, I'll be sure to give you an update so I can assist you with signing up on our platform. You can learn more about the app on Spocket's website.


Once you register to become a member and subscribe to one of our plans, then you'll have access to the suppliers on your list should they be onboarded onto Spocket. Given this, you can perform some of the processes and also have access to the information you enumerated in your post:


  • When an order is made, you'd have to process it yourself. Though I will assure you that the process can be accomplished in a few clicks. Once you fulfill it, everything's automated from then onwards.
  • You will have access to tracking information once the order is processed by the suppliers.
  • You will also have access to 24/7 Customer Support to help you out should issues arise or should you have questions.

Hope everything is clear and please don't hesitate to write me back if you have further clarifications!