Syncing Shipping rates with Printful?

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Hi Jason,


It turns out, essentially, Gooten does not send shipping prices to Shopify and it has no way to do this, even though they do have an API -- so I'm especially unsure what that API is for if it can't be used to send shipping information. So my only options were to use the Advanced Shipping App or set manual rates. I just don't want to really deal with manual rates, so I've gone with the App. I figured out that if you don't ship any of your own products, which I don't, you can use the basic paid plan for the App and still ship to 2 dropshippers. So it certainly isn't ideal -- to pay for the Shipping App -- but paying just $10 a month to get automated shipping rates is better than plugging in manual rates or having to pay the $30 per month I thought I'd have to pay for the App.


The only unfortunate thing which I hope will be fixed in the near future is that there is a way in the Advanced Shipping App at the basic plan level to set a free shipping rate is the overall order total for all dropshippers is over a certain amount, but according to the App developer that no longer functions since Shopify released the Shipping Profiles option. So instead I've had to use Shopify's shipping rate option to set a free shipping rate when the order total is at or above $50, the only difference being that the Standard shipping rate still shows up alongside the FREE Standard shipping rate. If the App was able to work properly, the Standard shipping rate would be REPLACED BY the Free Standard rate, which I think would be a better experience for the customer. But it's a small price to pay and, again, I hope that will get straightened out soon.


Thanks again for all your help and education!


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Shopify Staff
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Hi, Chloe (@YiddishWarmth)!


Thank you so much for the update. I was starting to wonder how it went.


You're on the right track for picking up the app to elevate the stress and hassle. It was a tricky situation and you've made the right decision on what's best suited for your business. If you ever changed your mind, I'd be happy to help set up the manual rates. 


This is a very useful feedback from the app developer. Just want to double-check, were you able to set up the free shipping rate for the order total is at or above $50 via Shipping Profile? Just in case if you're still in the process of setting the Free Shipping rate, here's how to set up a free shipping rate with Shipping Profile. I want to make sure the shipping rates are ready to go so you can focus your energy on other important things in your store.


What I'm going to do in the meantime is to help you forward this valuable request to our development team. If the request is already there, your request can help to bump the request up. The more bump the request gets, the more likely the team will work on it. 




Jason | Social Care @ Shopify
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