System of payment

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I have question about payment system. We all know that the most popular payment systems are PayPal and credit / debit cards. I am already selling and would like to distribute her for my online store. Unfortunately, I have many problems with the payment system that is PayPal and cards. Maybe I'll give one example:

I sold a few days ago. The buyer does not make any reservations. PayPal started the transaction checking procedure (the buyer did not submit any claims). I sent them my documents that the goods I sent received confirmation. They also wrote to the buyer whether my version actually agrees. He did not write anything about it either. Then PayPal took my money and gave it back to the buyer. Despite the fact that the buyer did not make claims. The buyer now has money and goods, and I am without goods and money.

I know that the credit card system is supposed to lead politics.

How can I defend myself as a seller against such extortion ?