Taking a partial payment on a draft?

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I have a few draft invoices for a customer who is unable to pay in full. They'd like to put down a partial payment on one of the draft invoices I emailed him.  Is there a way for them to do that using the draft order I sent him?  The only thing I can see is for him to pay the draft in full. 

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Hi, Samuel.

This is Max from the Shopify Team.

Processing partial payments Online or using Draft orders is not something that is currently possible. There are some workaround options that you could use in a case like this.

I would suggest sending a Draft order specifically for the deposit (1st installment) amount. Then you can refer to this initial order (number and amount) in a new draft order for the full amount. For recording the discount, you might want to add a custom discount that refers to this order number or date. Or add a custom item (with the discounted price) and include notes.

Here's the doc on how to find or complete a Draft order. You could easily prep both invoices at the same time and send to the customer when it's convenient!

Check out the doc all about Draft Orders if you need a refresher.

I hope this helps with the particular type of payments you need.


Max | Social Care @ Shopify
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Hi Shopify. I get the workarounds but this feature has been requested for many years. Why is it possible to take partial payment on the pos app, but not in system administration online. Please make it happen, you would help many clients and my guess is you would end up with some new ones too!

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I also DESPERATELY need this function.  I do custom orders all the time that require half down and half upon completion.  It seems to me that all that needs to be done is that the client have an alterable field when they click the link to pay where they can whatever about they want in and pay it, thus kicking it from a draft to an invoice with a balance due.  Isn't this possible??  I know I don't understand coding but is seems like an easy fix from where I am sitting and a feature that would be beneficial for a ton of merchants.  Just a thought... no, a request, lol.  Thanks!

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Has any progress been made on this request? We do are large amount of invoicing and we may not be able to continue with shopify if we can't accept partial payments on draft orders. Is there a better way to create invoices to send to customers and then accept partial payment?

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Hi guys I'm a Shopify app developer and can make that happen. An app that you install allowing you to take partial payments on orders. How will it work? A user makes an order, the payment is not processed so you send them a link to a page where they can pay a portion of the payment, say 20% of the entire order to complete the remaining another day. 


Now such app doesn't exist yet but I can create it by working for you for a price with your exact requirements so that it works exactly how you want or you can leave the thinking to me and I'll create it the most elegant way to simplify user interactions. If you're interested send me a private message here to discuss the details or to my email merunasgrincalaitis@gmail.com

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We also need this functionality desperately, but a word of caution for the workaround of creating two orders, one for the downpayment and the other for the full order showing the companion order's payment as a discount.  If you are using Avalara for your Sales Tax calcs, using a discount messes up their calcs in Avatax.  Avatax calculates the taxes correctly in Shopify, but when the transaction feeds into Avatax it tries to spread the discount across all items ordered and thus calculates the taxes less than are owed.  We're now trying to find a workaround for the workaround.  


I keep hearing that Shopify is working on resolving this issue, but I worry that they are developing the requirements in a vaccuum without involving their customer base.  The solution we get may not be as helpful as we're all hoping for.  Did you hear that Shopify?  I hope so.