Taxes Being Charged

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Not sure I belong in this thread or not. I order from a online store that uses shopify for their gateway I guess. Well, I noticed taxes being charged to me for a municipality that I do not live in at all. Im Hours away. 


I called customer support for said store and they said well, Shopify does all that for us and it charges you taxes if your order comes out of a warehouse located in the municipalities area so shopify would charge the taxes. Ok Fair enough. 


However...... Yep a however. I look at the shipping and the order is accepted in New York, Accepted in PA usually and shipped from there. How in the sam *ell am I paying taxes for a municipality/county in Joliet Illinois warehouse if my order is coming out of PA? I live 5 hours South of Joliet and I can ssure you it is no wehre near PA state obviously. 


Anyhow, is it Shopify or the actual company I need to be asking? The company pushed me off on Shopify.