Text Message Ordering... Is it Possible? I think this is a solution if someone can fill in the blank.

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For us, text message ordering would be an ideal way to take orders from a "younger" segment of our market, but I have been struggling with one important question... How do you effectively and frictionlessly as possible process their credit card, considering Shopify is not able to store cards on file for quick and easy billing. Further complicating our situation is that we have a professional pricing structure that we only share with professionals, and many of our professionals only order 1 or 2 times annually.

I believe the solution is to have a SMS based Custom Checkout Link created for each order. This custom link would have the product preloaded in the cart and only ask for their billing information, and for them to confirm their shipping information if it is on file. 

Here is an example of how a really slick solution would work for the texting part:


Customer: Hi. Can you send me out a new smoothing Iron?
Us: For sure! Here is a link to your checkout: (insert custom link)


Anybody have an leads on an app that would do this? 


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Hi Tyler,

I know that you could do this type of thing manually by using the Create Order function. After creating an order from the Shopify admin's Orders > Drafts area, you can click 'Email invoice' and copy the checkout URL in the email body. You could send this link via SMS, but it might be best to shorten the link with a URL shortener beforehand. Shopify's checkout is mobile responsive, so it should work well on smaller screens as well.

For your professional pricing structure, you can add existing products or custom items in the Create Order area. Even if existing products aren't visible on any sales channel (e.g. your online store), you can still use them when creating an order in the admin.

I realize this is a fairly manual process - and I couldn't find any apps that automatically do all of the above. However, our Create Order function is relatively new, so I'm wondering if any app makers are working on this functionality now. It seems like it would be very useful for you.

I would recommend searching the Shopify App Store for 'SMS' or 'SMS customer' and reaching out to some of the app developers in this space, to see if they plan on adding this functionality (or to suggest that they add it).

Hope this helps, but let me know if you have any other questions!

Cheers :)

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Hi, have you found anything for this yet?