The Shipping Rate (bad) surprise

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Hi everyone, thanks a lot for your help.


I run a store and use oberlo to import things from aliexpress. When I choose a product I select epocket after choosing ''ship to united states''. Then import it. I am wondering, as long as I have seen that for example for Yemen there is no epocket (and the cost for shipping there I saw was like 40$ on a product of 5$ that i was planning at 15$ with free shipping) and if somebody from that country or others will buy the product will I have to pay the 40$? Could you please explain to me the whole thing? Coz, as Yemen, there are other countries in which the shipping cost might be really higher then the average 2.5$, and this may drive me broke if a lot of people buy the product for 15$ but then I see that i have to pay a 40$ shipping!

On the shipping settings I set free shipping for everywhere in the world. 


thank you very much! I probably simply miss something