Third-party Integration for Shopify USPS labels

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I currently have a third-party fulfillment center that is processing the orders on my Shopify site.


My Shopify store has the Shopify service level, and I'm currently using the built-in live calc USPS rates to charge my customers for shipping. The documentation states that this is providing a discounted shipping rate through the Shopify account.


Currently, my third-party fulfillment center is using their own USPS account to get shipping rates to charge me for the fulfillment process.


The difference between the rates calculated on my site and those calculated by my fulfillment center differ quite a bit for packages that are heavier than 6-7 pounds.


I know that one option is for me to upgrade my Shopify service account to the Advanced level and then just have my fulfillment center use their own account to provide live calc rates through.


However, as the rates being quoted to my customers through the Shopify USPS integration is cheaper, I'd like to use those rates and be able to have my fulfillment center get the labels to ship my orders from Shopify.


Obviously, they don't want to have to log into my store manually and print out the labels. So, I'm wondering if anyone knows if there's a way to programatically access the labels that are made available to me through Shopify so that my fulfillment center can print them out using their system.


Hope that makes sense.  Thanks.

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I am afraid, there is no mechanism available to catch the labels programmatically and send it outside of Shopify. Shopify wouldn't allow that also as they want all customers to generate labels using their own solution.


Now, as far as your strategy is concerned, i would like to suggest an alternative. As a start you can ship some orders from Shopify and some shipments using your own account. This is because in the long run, it would be beneficial as you would be able to get better negotiated rates. However, till the time you reach the required volume of shipments, you can judiciously use both of them. Also, a better option would be to use the Multi Carrier Shipping label app that would allow you to use your own account and at the same time, generate shipments yourself without the need of a third party altogether. This app would help you generate shipments in bulk so less time required for fulfilment.

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