This order can’t be shipped to your location (for product from CJdropshipping) !!!!!!

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For this provider, customers in my store cannot buy because of this message "This order can’t be shipped to your location".

Knowing that:


  1. Shipping rate for CJdropshipping is set
  2. Location is set from this provider
  3. A correct shipping method is set into CJdropshipping for the listed products.


Anyone had this issue before?

Thanks in advance,


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I'm just browsing the help for a related problem.

I noticed that CJdropshipping creates a location for the app when you install it, called cjdropshipping. I thought, cool, I can set shipping rates for cjdropshipping separately! I quickly noticed this is not the case. All products I've listed from CJ always use the default shipping location and it's rates, which sucks! I use many suppliers, and it is very impractical to have the same shipping rates for all. 

I tried to ask CJ support forum about this, but either they didn't really understand what I was saying, or they really don't support setting shipping rates for their app. Why would they create their own App location, then? If anyone has ideas, or preferably a solution for setting shipping rates for CJ separately, I'd love to hear them.