! This order might be fraudulent?

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Hi Everyone,

We saw this next to an order that came though earlier in the week? We have already processed and sent it.

Has anyone had any experience with fraudulent orders? We are not sure what, if anything we should do about it.



Shopify Staff (Retired)
Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hey Larissa!

The reason you're seeing this is because of a warning that was triggered by Shopify based on the Risk Analysis feature included as part of the admin, as explained in this help doc:


I had a look at the order in your admin, and in this case that order was flagged because it was placed from another country, despite the billing and shipping addresses matching. It's likely someone ordered this item while they were visiting France, or using a French proxy server to view your site. This doesn't appear to be overly suspicious, and so I'd proceed with the order like normal.

Typically, reaching out to a customer to confirm the order is the best move to make when dealing with potentially fraudulent orders that seem suspicious-- for example, the customer may make several attempts to pay for the order using different credit cards, or the billing address may not match the one on file for the credit card, or the order may be shipping to a completely different destination or something that otherwise seems out of the ordinary.

We make every effort to fight fraud as much as possible, but you may want to consider setting up some anti-fraud rules to protect yourself using an app like Subuno, available from our app store via the link below:



Talk to you soon!

Matthew Buttler
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The Person lives outside of the united states but he shipped his product to his friend in New Jersey.

in some  country online shipping is complicating. so they use USA.