To Australian Shopify owners re shipping query

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I'm setting up my first Shopify site for some people, and I'm wondering how Australian Shopify owners setup their shipping rates.

The shop mainly sells quite small to medium products that would fit in an envelope like jewellry to about things that would fit in a 300 x 300 x 400 box, in a price range form a couple of dollars to not much more than $50, with the odd heavy product around 500 x 400 x 300 (10 kg's).

I'm thinking of something like this via Australia Post :-

0 – .5 kg  =  $2.50  very small

.6 – 1 kg  =  $8.99  small

1.1 – 5 kg =  $12.00   medium

10.1 – 20 kg = ?  heavy

I'm wondering if there are any Aussie Shopify owners out there with similar size and cost products and what rates they set?

Thanks in advance if somebody does reply

Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hey Torquay,

Nick here from Shopify.

Very simple answer to this. Base your rates of the prices you'll be charged by the services used to fulfill the orders. If it's Australia post, go to the post office and get a list of prices for weights and regions. Build the rates off that. You can use the Shopify Shipping zones to set up rates for all the Australian territories.

Hope this helps!

Shopify Guru

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Thanks for your answer Nick, that' basically and simplistically what i have done above given our postal system's nation wide flat rates.

I did read an article though where a Melbourne based Shopify expert sets up 42 rates per 8 states and projecting out from the capitals, but the article didn't elaborate!

Just wondering how others are doing it?

Thanks again


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You can try the Australia Post Rates & Labels app which will help you solve your issue. The box packing feature allows you to select your required box sizes or you can also configure custom boxes of your choice according to your product size. The app also allows you to configure product weight and dimensions.


Once these values are available, the app automatically calculates the accurate rates and selects the box. You can use the app to display rates at checkout, print labels in bulk and also handle tracking.