Too long shipping times

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I just opened my first shopify store and I've only had one sale (yesterday). I'm from México and so far, the only payment method that I understand how to set is PayPal. The problem is, in my country, funds take anywhere from 4 to 6 BUSINESS days to appear on my bank account, so I can't fulfill my orders on Oberlo until up to a week after the client purchased one of my products, that would add to the average 3 to 4 weeks the product takes to arrive to the U.S. with Epacket (for example, if one of my products is ordered today 29 of Aug, Aliexpress estimates it will arrive the 23th) , making the total delivery time about 5 weeks and I can't accept that. Right now the only strategy I can think about is emailing all of my costumers telling them there was a slight inconvenience with the processing of their order and giving them a discount code to "make up for it". It's really bumming and I don't know what to do. So I wanted to ask:

1. If you know any payment provider available in Mexico that allows me to recieve credit and debit card payments from the United States (and other countries) it would be extremely helpful.

2. If not, what would be another way to deal with the situation of the long delivery times.