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Hi Shopify experts, 
How are you guys sending out tracking codes/links to your customers? I need to find a new way to do so, and I’m looking for any advice or recommendations. 
Here’s our situation:  
We’re producing and shipping our products from Germany. Only 5-10% of our customers are German, so we do a lot of international shipping, the majority to the US. Because shipping can take a while (up to 3 weeks in some countries) it’s important for us and our customers to be able to track the shipment. 
What we did so far: 
Our Fulfillment partner marks the order as fulfilled and puts the tracking codes into Shopify. The customer get the automated shipping confirmation with the ‘view your order’ button that you probably all know. This links them to Shopify's order confirmation page, from where they can access the tracking.
What’s changing now: 
We starting to run Facebook/Instagram Ads now. Because our website is actually not built on Shopify (we only use buy buttons and the backend shop system) the Facebook Pixel integration to track the conversion is a bit tricky. The only way I was able to make it work, was to built a custom ’thank-you page’ that customers get directed to after a purchase, and put the facebook pixel on there to track the conversions. So I put redirect from Shopify’s order confirmation page to my own ’thank-you page’. BUT if this is active, it also means that when customers click on the ‘view your order’ button in the shipping confirmation email,  they just get to my ’thank-you page’ and never get a chance to track their shipment.
So now I’m wondering if there are any good Shopify apps that allow you to send customers the tracking code/link without using Shopify’s order confirmation page. 
Thanks for reading all this. And if you have any input whatsoever, let me know, I’m looking forward!
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Hi, @Pablo_Trautwein!


Julie, here from Shopify Support. 


Great question. Using the Buy Button, I can see how this can make tracking your conversions a bit tricky. While customers do indeed receiving a shipping confirmation email with a link to view and track their order, it would make more sense for you to include a link to the actual tracking page instead of the order confirmation page. 


If you want to add a direct tracking link to the shipping confirmation email, this would involve modifying the code for the email template, which is done in Settings > Notifications. If you haven't yet edited any email notifications within Shopify, it might be a good idea to review our help doc on the basics on editing email notifications. I also recommend checking out our notification variables reference, which outlines a list of fulfillment properties you can add to your email templates. You might also find it useful to refer to a similar question that was asked here, which includes recommendations for fulfillment properties you could use while editing your template. 


Another way around this would be to use an app like Tracktor Order Tracking or AfterShip, which allow customers to track their order directly on a standalone page on your website without having to visit Shopify’s order confirmation page. These apps integrate with hundreds of carriers worldwide. Tracktor Order Tracking, in particular, actually allows you to add a tracking link to Shopify email templates, using that to replace the “View your order” link. With AfterShip, on the other hand, you can send your customers automated, timely and personalized emails and texts to update customers on their deliveries. 


Whether you decide to edit the email templates themselves, or use an app to communicate tracking with customers, these should be workarounds that ensure your pixels are tracking conversions correctly.


I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions. 

Julie | Social Care @ Shopify
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Yes, that definitely helps, thanks Julie.

I'll check out the different options you named and reach out again if I run into any problems. 

Thanks again!

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Hello @Pablo_Trautwein,


You can also check out the Shipment Tracking and Notify app. The app automatically sends email notifications to your customers, every time there is a change in the tracking status. Also, the app gives an integrated tracking dashboard within your Shopify store from where you can get live tracking updates and monitor all your shipments.


This is an integrated app that gives your own tracking lookup page, where your customers can get the tracking details by entering the tracking number.

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Hi, Pablo Tautwein,


Yes, you can. Tracking More app (developed by us)  allows you to send customers the tracking code/link without using Shopify’s order confirmation page.


TrackingMore Tracking Page will look like below.



The customer will receive an email once shipping status changed, based on your set-up.


5 shipping status:

In transit, 

Out of delivery,

Delivered Failed Attempt,

Exception (e.g, parcel is hold on due to Customs Clearance.)

In this picture, the "in transit" email is able. Sellers can enable other emails by clicking the purple button.


Click shipping status in red square and customize email content.




You can click here and see more details of Tracking More Shopify App