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Hi there!

First off, let me say I don't know a lot of how to code in liquid.  But I am having this problem. 

When I send the shipping confirmation email (and on the order status page), it links to an invalid webpage. 

I am using an app called Trackr to make a track order page. 

I am also using Oberlo to process orders.  In the story settings page of Oberlo, it has me pick a tracking page and it is set to

But the link it takes me to is which displays an error message which is getting me a lot of angry customers.  

How do I set it up so it will just take them to

Basically, from what I have read, I need to change the tracking_url



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Hello, August. 

Leon here from Shopify Support. 

There are a few steps to ensure your custom tracking links work in Shopify and Oberlo. In the Shopify admin go to Apps > Oberlo > Settings > Connected shops > Shop settings > General tab and add this link to custom tracking URL: and just below that make sure you've checked the box labelled "Notify customers about the order fulfilment". Changing this setting will ensure that the link offered for order tracking doesn't end up at a 404 error page. 

If you have any questions about these settings please let me know. 

All the best,


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Hello Leon,


I would like to do the same think, but I don't use Oberlo. So how I can change the URL link ? I would like my customer can click on tracking number and follow the package directly on


Where I can change it?



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Hello Leon,


May I ask a question?

I did as per your instruction but I wanted to see for myself whether it actually worked or not in my case. I tried sending myself a trial email through Shopify but it ended up at a 404 Error Page. I'm wondering if it doesn't work during a trial email only and will work if it has an actual order and a tracking number.


Thank you so much for your time.



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Hello @crystalchronicl,


Don't know about, but you can use an app called Shipment tracking & notify which will help you change the tracking url. The app allows you to create a "track your order" page within your store from where the orders can be tracked easily.

So, once your customers click on the "view your order" link from the email, it redirects to the app page, where the status of the order will be available.


The app also sends live tracking notifications to your customers whenever there is a change in the order status and also has an integrated tracking dashboard from where you can monitor the order status.