Tracking links in the Checkout page are incorrect. Is Shopify fixing these?

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Hi there

Notifcations, custom check out and such are all working beautifully in my store. But when the customer clicks on the tracking information in their Shipping Notification it takes them to the Checkout record (that part is fine) and shows them the tracking number next to the service. In my case: Australia Post XXXXXXX. The tracking number is a highlighted link. But when the highlighted link is goes to the wrong Australia Post fact it goes to the tracking page but is blank:

The actual code for properly tracking would be, for exmple:

It seems to be missing ?id= 

And its not taking up the code entered for tracking.

Does anyone else have the same AusPost problem and is Shopify planning to fix the absent code?



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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi! I looked into this a bit and it looks like if you enter a tracking number and Shopify detects that it is for Austrailian Post, we will use the tracking URL ``

If you are not seeing that, can you let us know a bit more about how these tracking values are being entered into Shopify? Is it coming from a third-party app? What is your Shopify URL?



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If the issue still exists, you can try the Australia Post Rates & Labels app. Once the order is fulfilled using the app, it sends the tracking number back to Shopify, which is then send along with the Shopify order confirmation email. When the tracking link is clicked, it directs you to the Australia Post tracking page, where the order status will be displayed.

With the app, you can also show live rates at checkout and print Australia Post labels in bulk too.

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