Trouble integrating PayPal Express Checkout

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For the past week I've been trying again and again to integrate the PayPal express checkout into my store but I'm not able to do it. When I click on "Activate PayPal Express Checkout" I get redirected to the PayPal login page, and after I log in I get into my PayPal dashboard. I don't see a permissions page.

I've tried changing my browsers, deleting cache, doing the process through incognito mode but nothing seems to work.

Your help will be much appreciated.


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Hey! I'm having the same issue. Please let me know if you find a fix

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This is an accepted solution.

Hi, I was facing the same issue but lately, I was able to figure it out. So simple just go to your General settings and change your store country to "Brazil" also use any fake address generator for zip code and city. Then save the settings and go back to your payments section and click on active "PayPal Express Checkout Now". it will open up a Brazilian PayPal page click access now and grant permission. It will automatically redirect to Shopify again and wolla you have activated your "Paypal Express Checkout".