Trying to set up multiple shipping rules - Price based + weight based + USPS Priority Mail

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Hello everyone, 


I have a store where I sell products that range from $7 - $69. I have set shipping the following way:

Domestic - Calculated at checkout via USPS - typically ranges from $6.5 - $8.5 depending on the buyers location

  • Priority Mail
  • Priority Mail Express

International - Calculated at checkout via USPS - typically ranges from $30 - $50 depending on the buyers location

  • International Priority Mail
  • International Priority Mail Express

I also set up a rule that if the total order value exceeds $150, then the customer gets FREE Domestic Shipping (U.S.)

Now, I want to set up a separate shipping rate for my lower priced product ($7) to not scare customers away with shipping costs. The package with the envelope would weight 3.1 Ounces and if I send it via USPS First Class Mail it would charge the customer around $3.5 for shipping. 

The challenge or what I would like to achieve is the following:

  • If the customer only orders the lower priced product (one or multiple) they would be charged the USPS First Class Mail based on weight and pay accordingly. 
  • But, if the customer orders the lower priced product AND other higher priced products they would ONLY get charged based on my original domestic and international shipping prices stated above. 

Do you think that is possible? Or how would you do it?


Thank you very much in advance!


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So basically you are looking for a solution where :

- Lower priced product alone in cart would use First class mail

- Lower priced product together with higher priced product, normal USPS calculation. 


I am not sure you need anything extra for this barring a small tweak. Ideally if the weight criteria is greater than the First class limit(13 oz), then it will anyways show other services and not show First class service.

If the weight criteria is less than the First class limit(13 oz), the challenge is to hide other services so that customers select First class only? Am i correct? Wouldn't they by default select the cheapest one which is First class? Additionally, if you are still looking to hide other services, then you can use the Multi Carrier Shipping label app which allows you to create an automation rule and hide additional services based on total weight of order.

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