Two contract rates for one shipping service provider

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Hello all


if this has been well covered, please feel free to direct me straight to the existing discussions.


Our store has multiple shipping services as is fairly normal, however we have two different contract rates for ParcelForce; one rate for Northern Ireland and a separate rate for UK & Europe.

Currently using ZenStores - Zen handles the one contract rate for UK & Europe with little issue, but is unable to accept a second contract rate. For the second shipping destination (N.Ireland) we currently have to log onto the ParcelForce worldwide website and enter all orders manually.

Zenstores is unable to provide a solution at this time.


My question:


Should it not be possible to treat a second contract rate with one shipping service provider as a totally separate shipping service? Instead of (for eg.) ZenStores having to accept two different shipping/contract rates under the one service (ParcelForce) we could have DHL, Royal Mail, DPD, ParcelForce 1 (UK), ParcelForce 2 (N.Ireland).

Is there a known service you are a ware of that can handle this issue of multiple contract rates per courier?


 I would have thought it was fairly common for any one courier to have various different contract rates to different parts of the world.


Really looking forward to hearing your thoughts 



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Hi @NI-Candles,

It is common for any courier to have various different contract rates to different parts of the world and ideally the app should be able to handle that. Have you contacted their support regarding the issue? 

Another workaround for the issue is using our Multi Carrier Shipping Label app. The app allows you to add multiple contract rates for a single carrier and handle the complete shipping process. You can add multiple contract rates for Parcelforce and name it accordingly. You can then create shipping zones for Northern Ireland and UK & Europe and use the automation rules feature to calculate and display shipping rates based on the zone and contract rates specified. Also, the app supports all major carriers like DHL, FedEx, Parcelforce, UPS, etc. You can try the app with a 14-day free trial and if you require any assistance, please do contact our support or directly ring us at 1-831-267-6349. 

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