UK Company - Corporate shareholder in Europe

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Hi there,

We are setting up a shop for a UK company. We want to use Shopify Payments. However, from 28th October 2020, additional information is required to be added by Shopify. We understand that, no problem. 

The UK company's main shareholder (100% business ownership) is company who is the main shareholder of 6 or 7 other companies in the UK. 

When we try to setup Shopify Payments, we are able to enter one of the Directors of the UK company. But, because the director is not a shareholder, we have to enter the Shareholder's details, which in this case, doesn't have a Date of Birth, an email address. 

Is there another option we can get verified to start using Shopify payments?

We urgently need this so that we can start receiving payments. 

Kind Regards,