UK Zone shipping - if Spain can have it....?

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I've been reading so many threads on this and being new to Shopify, and clearly to my own fault, for lack of due diligence but I'm really frustrated that I cannot sperate a shipping zone to Northern Ireland to the rest of Great Britain. With Brexit, additional headaches and the courier costs and customs/excise paperwork associated it is not possible for my new business to send there yet.

I keep reading about 'just add this app'. At $20 per month for what should be a simple checkbox from development I am staggered it has not been implemented by Shopify. New businesses cannot afford an extra $240 a year (every year!) just put a delivery restriction on. Each country within the UK is its own country with a devolved government setting their own rules. The countries should be zoned out and seeing this has been asked for years I'm saddened by the lack of response, speaking as a new customer.  

What frustrates me more is that some of the answers from Moderators or staff seem to imply its one country so that is the rate. But Spain is divided into 52 provinces....why is this separated and why can the UK not be the same? Surely someone simply adding the code for all the UK counties so admins can create their shipping rules is fair, and if it can be done to Spain but not the UK is this just a form of discrimination or profiteering for being forced to use third party apps at huge expense - especially for small business who want to grow.

Please Shopify, simply add the counties of the UK as you have already done for Spain and its provinces and allow business to take the stress away from Brexit and the division.

please please please....