UK payment types Debit vs Credit cards

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Hi, I am currently very confused by what is and isn't available in the UK despite a chat with support! Can someone explain the following to us please?


On the Shopify payment plan page, where it specifies rates for "Online credit card rates", does that literally mean just Credit cards, or also Debit cards?


Support mentioned all these things to me over the course of a chat:

"Shopify Payments does not accept debit cards for online purchases"

"Visa debit cards are usually processed like a credit card"

"You could setup [debit cards] with Shopify Payments, if you use a different third party payment gateway, then Shopify will charge transaction fees (depending upon your subscription plan) on top of any fees from the gateway"

"Debit cards can work as long as they do not require a PIN number to be entered for using at purchase"




I would imagine most customers in the UK would want to purchase items online using debit cards, so..

1. Can they do this with Shopify?

2. Is this available with the Basic Shopify plan? What are the transaction charges for debit cards?

3. If not, do I need to set it up separately and what are the charges?


I currently only have a trial account but all of these payment options are listed on the site with the Theme trial, not sure if this is standard or they're just all the usual suspects and I should remove all except the ones I setup?

Amex, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Maestro, Mastercard, Paypal, Shopify Pay, Visa


Under Settings/Payment Providers, it lists just Paypal and Shopify Payments (when clicked mentions only Visa, Mastercard, American Express).





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I'm testing a UK store right now on the Basic Plan and debit cards appear to work like any other. 


I've just put through 3 test orders for the same product/shipping combo with an AMEX, VISA Debit and Mastercard. All went through without a hitch and Shopify is reporting the same payout for all of them, so no additional charges. 


I've also integrated & tested Google Pay, Amazon Payments & PayPal Express, but all those come with their own charges. 

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Great, thanks @Jebbo1987 !


When you say 'no additional charges' do you mean there were no charges at all for Debit payments, or were just the charges mentioned on the Shopify price plan grid applied e.g. 2.2% + 20p?


I did find this yesterday, which contradicts what Support says and confirms Debit cards are accepted. They should make this and any charges clearer!



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The standard charges for the plan applied - I saw the same charge for all 3 cards: AMEX / VISA Debit / Mastercard


I think one issue is that Debit cards are not widely used in North America and a lot of the quick responses from support are tailored to NA users. 



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Hi, @SwagAndTales,


My name is Tira and I work at Shopify.


These are some great questions about how debit cards are accepted on our platform. I noticed that @Jebbo1987 stepped in and did some testing and had also provided what they found in their payment tests, to help you out here. Thank you for chiming in!


I understand that there is some confusion on whether we accept debit cards or not, and on what rates we charge for debit transactions. I wanted to shed some more light on this to help clear this!


The kinds of debit cards that we can accept online are Visa, MasterCard and AMEX debit cards. We're unable to accept any other debit cards other than these kinds through Shopify Payments. It looks like you've found our FAQ already that states this, but I'll list it here again: Can I accept debit cards using Shopify Payments? for quick reference! 

The rates for accepting these types of debit cards are the same as the credit card rates listed in our pricing and plans page here. I understand that we don't specifically word it in this way, which can seem confusing. It also sounds like debit cards are used quite often in the UK from what you've mentioned, so I can see why this is especially important for you and your business. I would be happy to forward this feedback to our team in charge of this page to make it more clear that the rates would also be applied to Visa, MasterCard and AMEX debit cards, and I'll also mention that this is an important factor for merchants who are in the UK. I really appreciate your feedback as this will help us improve!


I would also recommend activating PayPal Express Checkout on your store. This will allow your customers to login to their PayPal account and pay with their debit card, bank account, or credit card. Even if they do not have a PayPal account, they can also pay as a guest. If you have both PayPal Express Checkout and Shopify Payments enabled together, you don't pay any transaction fees for using PayPal. The only rates that would be charged per order, would be the credit card rates for Shopify Payments. Take a look at our help doc on how to get this set up for your store: Set-up PayPal.

Could you share some examples of the other types of debit cards that are used in the UK? I would be happy to forward these for consideration to our developers for you in the form of a feature request as well.


Let me know if these answers help!

Tira | Social Care @ Shopify
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