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is there any way in a UK BASIC shop to have shipping calculate by weight and price in order to correctly take into account insurance costs AND to have multiple items combine intelligently rather then just adding up all the individual shipping fees to some horrendous figure? Shipping rates set up seems to be a very poorly designed part of shopify as far as i can see??? I'd love to be proven wrong so if anyone has some ideas id really appreciate feedback:


for instance - a small pair of gloves @ 28.00 can be shipped for 2.85 incl insurance, a headcoller @19.00 can be shipped for 4.55 incl insurance - if i add both to a cart the shipping calculates at 8.91 as it looks at the value of the 2 combined and takes the higher value shipping fees! I need it to put the gloves in with the headcollar and just charge the 4.55!?? If anyone knows the best way to set up please help!!?



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The answer is Yes, and Yes  - the Advanced shipping manager can overcome this complexity and offer the $4.55 as requested for the shipping scenario described.  Allow me to demo -