URGENT HELP!!! Error with G2a payment gateway

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please can someone help me in testing my store payment??


i just install a payment method with g2a pay but am seeing some error like 'Fatal error. Error code: MV0002' when try to checkout.

how can i fixed this 

will also be okay if you can try to perform order to see what am talking about


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I'd suggest you contact Shopify Support, along with your contact at G2A. Is it possible that your account is still not 100% setup with G2A, or that you've not used the correct account details within Shopify?

Unless someone on the forums has seen that specific error I don't think we'll be much help. It's not an error I've seen before.

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hi jason, thanks for the quick feedback. i used the secret id and the api hash provided by g2a in merchant section and past them in the right section in shopify but i still didn't know what i was doing wrong.

have google about this and have follow the step provided by the post i read

but thanks, i will contact shopify support just as you suggested 

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would you or anyone tell me your/his experience with g2a pay, i want to use their service